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scorpion movie mold mask



Here is your rare chance to own a piece of Mortal Kombat film history.  This mask is was made right from a production used copy of the mask from 1995.  Every detail is still captured immaculately and preserved in these replicas.

Two versions of the mask will be offered:

Foam Wearable version with movie accurate balaclava - Limited to 25 worldwide


PRICE: $435 plus shipping

Aluminum Cold Cast Display version - SOLD OUT

-optional laser engraved base and acrylic case

If you are a MK fan you don't want to miss this opportunity!!

In Paul W.S. Anderson's film Mortal Kombat, Scorpion is portrayed by Chris Casamassa and voiced by Ed Boon (the creator of the MK games and Scorpion's voice actor in the game series). His background is not revealed in the film and he appears to be a servant of Shang Tsung for reasons unknown. During the Mortal Kombat tournament, Scorpion battles against Johnny Cage, ambushing him in a forest with his living harpoon spear and then teleporting them both to his lair in the Netherrealm: a pit filled with the bones of slain warriors. Scorpion tries to finish Johnny by peeling off his mask, revealing a burning skull beneath it, and breathing hellfire at the actor. Johnny grabs a spear and shield from amongst the bones in the pit and throws the spear at Scorpion, impaling him and causing him to bleed a glowing, lava-like substance. Johnny then charges at Scorpion and slashes at him with the bladed edges of the shield, cutting a large gash in Scorpion's chest and slicing off a piece of his head. Scorpion's head then explodes and Johnny jumps away as the spectre's whole body erupts in a shower of fire and bones.


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