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My story


My name is Chase Smith.  I am from a tiny town in Iowa with less than 2,000 people.  I graduated with 38 so I guess that's how you know you live in a small town.  Oh and a fun fact.....we don't have stop lights.  I went onto college studying Laser Electo/Optics, hoping that it would take me to California and I could afford the Academy of Art Institute.  That never happened, but life did.  Ended up working for the government in an area I had no interest in.  Moral of the story is ALWAYS FOLLOW YOUR DREAMS and have a plan to achieve them.  Most importantly, FOLLOW THROUGH!  Years passed and I finally got the courage to start a business doing something I loved.  Started small, making Halloween props, mask stands, and eyeballs.  I was having moderate success so went on and bought my first airbrush, watched some videos, read some books, and practiced, practiced practiced!  If you want to succeed you have to put in the time, dedication, and willingness to find information on your own.


I have ALWAYS had a love for realism in art, mostly dinosaurs and aliens.  Ever since I was a little kid I was so inspired by the designs and the art that went into each character which made them so memorable.  It's a dream to work with the same pieces that come from the films I loved as a child.  

My idol is the one and only Stan Winston.  I loved his attention to detail and the realism he brought to each character.  He made you believe these things were living and breathing.  I strive to put that into each piece that I put my signature on.   It's my belief that you are always your strongest critic.

My mission is to deliver the most accurate and detailed custom collectibles, giving collectors and movie lovers a piece of movie history.  Putting all of my effort into making each piece movie and museum quality all while answering every email, shipping every box,  and networking with other artists and collectors to bring out new pieces.  But also as equally important all of that is, I want to inspire someone, even if it's just one young artist to follow their dreams.  You only have one life and it's too short to not take that step towards your true passions in life.


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