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Dog alien bust by Chase Smith

Dog alien bust by Chase Smith

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Custom Dog Alien 1/2 Scale Bust Review in 4K!

Custom Dog Alien 1/2 Scale Bust Review in 4K!

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Aliens colonist bust with facehugger, sculpted by Yoshihiko Sano and painted by Chase Smith

Aliens colonist bust with facehugger, sculpted by Yoshihiko Sano and painted by Chase Smith

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Last year I acquired a 1/2 scale Dog Alien kit, which I sent to Chase to be painted. What he sent back to me is an absolute work of art! Without a doubt I have never seen a paint job this good on any collectable in my whole life. The amount of care and detail that he puts into his work is just mind boggling. The bust is layered with so many intricate patterns and details that it almost looks alive, and the chrome teeth are the icing on the cake. I'm completely blown away by how good the final product looks and I'm already planning to purchase more Alien pieces from Chase. In addition to his beautiful work he is also a pleasure to deal with and is always responsive to messages. I cannot recommend him highly enough!

--Rebecca Fink

I am a pretty big Alien and Predator collector and have bought many pieces from companies such as Sideshow, Cinemaquette, HCG, Cool Props.etc as well as custom painted and built garage kits and one of a kinds. Of special interest to me is the original Big Chap from Alien. It can be argued that there has not yet been a "perfect" high end collectible depicting this iconic movie monster. The Cinemaquette version is now considered a grail but I remember when it first came out the backlash against the strange ballet like pirouette pose and flat paintjob. The Sideshow version was criticized again for the paintjob as well as the Nosferatu like pose. The Sano version is widely acknowledged as the most detailed and clean with the best paint application but at 1/5 to 1/6 is too small for many collector's tastes. The pose is also very static and rigid. A few years ago, Bill Wieger from the garage kit world put out an amazing 1/4 scale kit that seemed to combine the best of many worlds. An amazingly detailed and accurate sculpt. Excellent size at 1/4 scale. And a unique and dynamic pose with the Alien in a squatting pose with both hands outstretched. The problem? It was a kit and needed to be custom built and painted. In order to truly bring it to life it would require a tremendous amount of time, dedication, and work. I gave the commission to one of the best Alien painters on the planet but recently this individual referred me to Chase Smith because in his words Chase had "done a spectacular job. Can't do it any better." I got in the Wieger Alien from Chase recently and finally had the time to fully appreciate the artistry of his build and would like to take the time to talk about it here.

The packaging: Because this was a custom painted and built kit there was no packaging like you would have with a product from an official company. Chase took the time to carefully fabricate from scratch the packaging to make sure the Alien go to me in one piece. This is no easy task because the statue has very fragile parts especially the two outstretched arms and the long tail. It was obvious a lot of thought, care, and attention went into the package with shapes hand cut in layered foam and explicit instructions on how to remove the Alien. The greatest paintjob in the world doesn't mean much if it never makes it to the client in one piece and this often neglected part of the commission process was dealt with beautifully.

The paintjob: Speaking of the paintjob this is what really separate Chase Smith's work from everyone else. The first word that springs to mind when looking at this piece is "WOW." Most of the Alien franchise and especially the monster itself are shot in the dark with very poor lighting. While this contributes to the atmospheric tension, it does make appreciating the creature more difficult. It also doesn't help that most of the Alien is black and a lazy factory paint job often hides most of the detail in unflattering flat shades of black and grey. With Chase's paint application ALL those details come out in a beautiful and breathtaking work of art. There are so many layers to the paint that gives the overall sense of depth. You can literally look at it from an inch away and the quality and detail still holds up. The amazing thing is that depending on the lighting you will also get a much different appreciation of the Alien. I've seen it with natural morning light, overhead halogen lights at night, with and without flash photography. The detail is always there and the effect strikingly different with each lighting change.

The base: Chase also made a very classy understated black base with lighting underneath so when the room is darkened and the base light turned on, it really feels like the statue is right from a scene from the movie. Has to be seen to be believed

Overall: This kit was a rare one and retailed at 500 dollars. In a hobby where the average kit runs about 150 and "high end" massive resin kits top out around 350 or so, a 500 dollar kit is exceptional. Not that many were sold and the few paintmasters who acquired one realized immediately the time and effort that would be required to do the piece justice. I'm glad that Chase Smith took the challenge head on and put his own unique stamp of excellence on the piece. An Alien statue is an iconic collectible and there are so few truly worthy pieces of it. Now along with the Cinemaquette, the Sano, and the Sideshow, we have the Chase Wieger . . . A worthy addition to an iconic line up that all high end Alien collectors will be able to recognize with awe. I feel tremendously honored to be one of the few to own a Chase Wieger and for those of you who have the opportunity to add a Wieger Alien and more importantly to have Chase Smith build it, I unreservedly recommend saving the money and doing it. You will have a true centerpiece in your Alien collection. Thanks for reading.

--Dennis Chang

I truly believe that art and artists themselves are introduced and happened upon your journey by divine intervention. There is a fusion and a beautiful alchemy that delivers an impact like the sound drum of an immediate epiphany. When I seek to be profoundly moved by any masterpiece (that will not only breed sudden inspiration while dwelling in my sacred lair), this presence should evoke an awakening day after day as I am accompanied by it with each passing, and any invitation I extend to whomever will also partake in the experience.

The most miraculous art is embodied from within my heart, it leads to a path towards nostalgia and ultimate homage. I want it to live and breathe and remind me of my often greatest loves evolving on my journey. I had sought out a Freddy Krueger bust for quite some time. As I ponder the notion, it wasn't necessarily an interest until I happened upon the genius of this gent named Chase Smith. I had seen many busts of this character that was such a huge part of my childhood -- he was my Lugosi, Karloff, and my Chaney Jr.

When I covet such a piece I want it to speak to me and I want it to live. I didn't think I would own one as intricate as the art Chase makes his own and the exquisite detail of every layer down to textures and colour variations. I asked if he even considered making anymore, which I honestly felt was going to be a decline rather than a consideration. Without hesitation, he never rejected the idear, but conveyed his process. I am one who does fear what I cannot examine in person, but as an avid art collector, I love being surrounded by the ambiance of various artists, no, being surrounded by the ambiance of "Exquisite Artists".

You always get what you pay for, and this is no different. What I love is the process of any artist. Being an artist myself, I can concur that there are elements and facets. From the acrylic eyes, to the layers and tones of burnt skin in his realistic touches of paint, and on and on. Chase Smith is the real deal! His name alone has made its way around and when I mentioned that I was having him do my Freddy Krueger bust to another collector whom I bought a mask from, he had conveyed how lucky I was and hadn't had the chance to own anything from him.

Aside from his talent, he is professional, kind, understanding, and will work with you to come to a completion. I am always fearful at first when I have anything I request from someone I don't know well at first. But having been in communication with him for the past couple of months, I can tell you without hesitation he is a true extraordinary artist who won't let you down in his craft. I still feel like he belongs in Hollywood making props for major motion pictures. He's just that incredible!! But let his art speak for him, just scroll down to the last bust he has posted of Freddy, I am honored to own him and I am sure I'd make him proud in how I showcase him.

I will be requesting more from Chase Smith in the mere future! I know I have found someone I trust and who will not disappoint me in my elaborate artistic endeavors. I love that he too is meticulous and every detail is worked on up to a grand conclusion!! He deserves every amount that is conveyed, because the time it takes for him to craft these pieces are not in vain, but what I deeply appreciate and so admire as well as connect with, is that it all derives from a deep pounding love for everything he does provide! He won't let you down!

--Robert Maxwell

I cannot say enuff good stuff about CHASE SMITH and his Lil Shop Of Horrors. Price, quality, art work, integrity to brand, etc etc ALL - just the best!!! Plus CHASE even listens to my banter about Japanese Anime - something he and his shop have ZERO affiliation with, but he takes it like a champ! Viva ALIENS and STARBLAZERS / SBS YAMATO!!! I would recommend Lil Shop Of Horrors to the moon!!! At the rate I am / will be dropping money here, I'll be financing CHASE'S kids college education - and it will be worth every penny....

--Damien Chaney

Chase Smith did an amazing job on my Life Size Alien Dog bust that I got from him. Unbelievable detail, great looking paint work and great customer service from a good guy. You can't go wrong getting a project done by this artist. Thanks again!!

--Michael Thill

Just had Chase customize my Wolf Predator statue, that I actually bought from him. Got it yesterday and pulled it out of box today. Pictures do not do his work justice. Dude is a True artist and master at his craft! 
Also he's supper cool and supper nice! Lil Shop of Horrors I will be definitely adding more stuff from you to my collection! Thank you So much!!! Chase You are A Fukkin BadAss Sir!!

Jason Borrego's that review I promised that's overdue. Had a custom Scream (sparkle version) robe tailored for me. The craftsmanship and detail are jaw dropping and identical to the film. Exactly what I've always wanted for my collection. Thanks so much for everything. HIGHLY recommended!!!

--Brett Wilson

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